Schwarze A7 Zephyr Regenerative Air Sweeper

8.4 Cubic Yard Regenerative Air Runway Sweeper

FOD or foreign object debris can wreak havoc on aircraft and has been shown to cost the industry more than $10 Billion in damage, delays and disgruntled customers. Sweeping has been shown to be one of the best management practices to reduce FOD from runways and tarmac areas and nothing does this better than the Schwarze Model A7 Zephyr high speed runway sweeper. The A7 Zephyr was designed to meet the rigorous demand standards of the Department of Defense high speed sweeping requirements for quickly and effectively removing FOD. The A7 Zephyr incorporates three distinct FAA approved methods for FOD removal in one packaged unit: 1) vacuum and brush removal of debris 2) powerful truck mounted magnet to collect ferrous material and 3) high velocity blast air to push material from surface.

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