Labrie Automizer Alley-Hand Side Loader

Labrie Automizer Alley-Hand Side Loader – The Future of Waste Management

Transform your waste collection services with the efficiency and reliability of the Labrie Automizer Alley-Hand Side Loader. Built for the demands of modern waste management tasks, this premier side loader combines the strength of a zero-kick-out arm with the flexibility of a time-tested body. It’s designed to leave no carts behind and adapt to any situation, whether in cramped alleyways or at full stretch in open spaces.

Revolutionize Your Operations

The Labrie Automizer Alley-Hand is the pinnacle of waste management solutions engineered for municipalities and environmental services seeking unparalleled performance. Choose between Tip-to-Dump or Full Eject body configurations to meet the unique requirements of your service area.

Enhanced Functionality:

  • Industry-Leading Design: Employing the strongest Zero Kick-Out arm for superior reliability and efficiency.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: With 15 yd³ to 37 yd³ body sizes, find the perfect fit for your operation’s needs.
  • Robust Build Quality: Featuring an abrasive resistant floor, AR500 wear plates, and single-piece body walls for increased strength and endurance.

Superior Waste Handling:

  • Powerful Compaction: Enjoy improved compaction and easy unloading with a tapered body design.
  • Streamlined Operation: Utilize the in-line arm design that eliminates torsion and side loading for a smooth operation.

Embrace Sustainable Solutions

In a world where environmental responsibility is not just desired but required, the Labrie Automizer Alley-Hand paves the way to a greener future.

Clean Energy Options:

  • CNG Integration: Opt for our cost-effective, quieter, and cleaner Compressed Natural Gas solutions, fully integrated and tested onsite for reliability.
  • Alternative Energy: Select from EV or CNG power options to decrease your carbon footprint and meet rising environmental standards.

Specifications to Meet Every Need

  • 15 yd³ to 37 yd³ body sizes available in both Tip-to-Dump or Full Eject configurations
  • Durable construction with an Abrasion Resistant floor & advanced wear plates
  • A tapered body enhances compaction and facilitates effortless unloading
  • Single-piece body walls for optimal strength and a seamless appearance
  • In-line arm design guarantees minimal strain on the mechanism

For waste management companies and municipalities in search of uncompromised efficiency and state-of-the-art alternative energy options, the Labrie Automizer Alley-Hand Side Loader represents the zenith of refuse collection technology.

Lead the Way with Labrie

Embrace a new standard of excellence in waste collection. For more information about the Labrie Automizer Alley-Hand Side Loader or to schedule a demonstration, contact us today.

Explore a new era of waste management efficiency. Let the Labrie Automizer Alley-Hand Side Loader redefine your approach to refuse collection.

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