Labrie Automizer Pendulum Packer Side Loader

Labrie Automizer Pendulum Packer Side Loader

The Labrie Automizer Pendulum Packer Side Loader delivers a breakthrough in waste and organics collection. Experience innovation that meets the robust demands of modern environmental services. Engineered to perfection for waste management companies and municipalities, this refuse truck epitomizes efficiency, reliability, and environmental consideration.

Optimized Waste Handling

  • Exceptionally Clean Operations: Say goodbye to after-route cleanouts with our self-cleaning Pendulum Packer—designed to handle both solid waste and organics seamlessly.
  • Quiet and Powerful Packing: The patented Pendulum Packer operates unobtrusively while collecting materials, easing urban operations and enhancing community relations.

Agile and Adaptable

  • Master Tight Spaces: Advanced in-line arm design allows for precise maneuverability in narrow alleyways, ensuring complete coverage in any urban layout.
  • Sustained Durability: Low “mass-in-motion” and reduced torque during dumping translate to fewer wear-and-tear complications, prolonging the life of your investment.

Maintenance Made Simple

  • Ease of Access: Strategically placed access panels on the rub rails protect vital components and facilitate uncomplicated maintenance sessions.
  • Reliability You Can Trust: With all packing cylinders located external to the hopper, quick inspections and repairs become the norm, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance.

Key Specifications

  • Competitive Capacity: Choose from a selection of body sizes ranging from 15 yd³ to 37yd³ to fit your operation’s unique needs.
  • Advanced Sealing: High tailgate seals combined with a liquid-tight hopper contain materials and eliminate spillage.
  • Customizable Arms: Outfit your truck with either the compact Alley-Hand or the versatile Right-Hand™ arms to suit your collection route’s demands.

Additional Information

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