Coming Soon ~ 2024 Freightliner 114SD w/ Sewer Equipment 900 ECO Combination Sewer Cleaner

Model 900 ECO Combination Sewer Cleaner

Sewer Equipment Co. of America introduces the Model 900 ECO Combination Sewer Cleaner truck. The 900 ECO utilizes proven technologies to deliver a machine with a simplicity that is unequaled in the combo jet vac truck industry. As with our leading 747 ECO trailer jet and 800-HPR ECO truck jet, the Model 900 ECO operating platform offers the best in class fuel efficiency and noise reduction for operator safety. Sewer Equipment: Best Products, Best Local Support.

It all starts with our patented “Hydro Drive” powertrain system. The Hydro Drive powers the pump and blower in addition to the auxiliary hydraulic systems. When you are ready to work, simply put the truck in neutral, apply the parking brake and exit the cab. While the combo truck remains in neutral, its power is taken directly from the chassis engine, assuring operator safety during operation, as there is no transfer case to slip into gear.

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