RamVac Ax Air Excavators

Discover the Power of RAMVAC AX Air Excavators

Why Choose RAMVAC AX Air Excavators?

RAMVAC sets a new standard for air excavation, offering a unique set of features designed to streamline your operations and boost your project outcomes.

  • Class 6 Chassis for Simplified Operation: Operate without the need for CDL certification, thanks to the AX’s Class 6 chassis. It’s all about making powerful excavation accessible and hassle-free.
  • Single-engine Design for Dual Functionality: Why settle for one when you can have both? Excavate using air and water with a single-engine design, eliminating the need for multiple trucks on your site.
  • All-Weather Performance: With all AX water systems housed within a heated enclosure, your excavation projects need not halt when the temperature drops.
  • Unmatched Tool Storage: Maximize your productivity with the most cubic feet of standard tool storage available on the market. Every tool has its place, ensuring you’re always prepared.
  • Designed for Operator Safety and Ease: From ground-level access to major functions and maintenance points to 12-volt electrical controls and manual hand valves for easy troubleshooting and maintenance – your safety and convenience have been prioritized at every step.
  • Versatility in Excavation: Whether it’s potholing using a 4″ port or major excavating with a 6″ port, the AX series adapts to your project’s needs with ease. Coupled with payload capacities ranging from 5,000 to 12,000 pounds and a hydraulic rear door, dumping spoils has never been quicker or easier.
  • Customizable Power: Tailor your AX series to the demands of any job. Choose from a variety of blower capacities, hose sizes, and the revolutionary Dig Deep boom, empowering you to dig 10 feet below grade with powerful airflow.


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