Coming Soon ~ 2022 Schwarze A9 Monsoon SE Sweeper

A9 Monsoon SE Sweeper

9.6 Cubic Yard Regenerative Air Street Sweeper

The Schwarze A9 Monsoon SE Sweeper is a robust street sweeper with a 9.6 cubic yard hopper. It mounts on a chassis and utilizes regenerative air technology. Boasting the industry’s largest standard hopper, it offers greater capacity for efficient sweeping, reducing the need for frequent emptying—especially appreciated in regions where leaf sweeping is common. The A9 Monsoon features an impressive, spacious dump door, simplifying the process of emptying the packed hopper. Like other Schwarze sweepers, it incorporates large drop-down screens that actively prevent blockages, extending to the screens’ edges to optimize debris capacity.

Patent Pending Single Engine Configuration
The Schwarze A9 Monsoon SE features a patent-pending single-engine configuration that delivers performance comparable to the twin-engine version. It operates at low speeds, thereby reducing noise levels and operational costs for routine sweeping tasks. When demanding jobs such as construction and spring cleanup require high power, the A9 Monsoon SE matches the sweeping power of the twin-engine A9 Monsoon. Its design, mirroring that of the twin-engine model, requires minimal additional training for operators and technicians.

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