Schwarze A4 Storm Regenerative Air Sweeper (Non-CDL)

The enhanced A4 Storm is a full-size street sweeper in a compact, super-maneuverable package.

When it comes to features and performance, the A4 Storm meets or exceeds all similar competitor models in the major performance categories including dump height, water capacity, broom size, sweep width, ergonomics and, above all, sweeping performance.

With its short wheelbase, high maneuverability, and full-size sweeper performance, the A4 Storm is uniquely positioned to excel at construction site cleanup where space is limited.

The enhanced A4 Storm has a large, full-size, high-performance sweeping head and fan system and features large, corrosion-resistant polymer tool boxes. Its standard water system of 130 gallons can be supplemented with an optional additional 66-gallon tank, taking the unit’s capacity to 196 gallons.

4.5 Yard Regenerative Air Sweeper

Key Product Features:

  • Increased broom surface area enables transfer of materials from a greater distance from the sweeping head.
  • Recessed Gutter Broom Discs Lowers cost of operation by reducing twine to wrap on GB motor.
  • 80”x30″ Sweeping Head for Increased Productivity with a larger area of surface cleaning (quicker transfer, no bulldozing)
  • Large 3.6 usable hopper capacity means less dumping and more sweeping.
  • Large hopper screen access door makes cleaning easier and faster for increased productive time.
  • Whisper Wheel fan system features • 7% more power • 20% less fuel consumption • 70% less noise than previous model fan.

Additional Information

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