Maren ProPAK 2R210 Baler

Transform Your Recycling Effort with the Maren ProPAK 2R210 Baler

In a world where efficiency and sustainability go hand-in-hand, the Maren ProPAK 2R210 Two Ram Baler stands out as the ultimate solution for recycling facilities and waste management companies.

Why Choose the Maren ProPAK 2R210?

With its dual motors, the Maren ProPAK 2R210 maximizes performance and throughput for a variety of recycled materials, from scrap metals and post-industrial cardboard to plastics and beyond. Designed for high-volume environments, this fully automatic 2 RAM baler doesn’t just meet demands—it exceeds them.

Key Features:

  • Large “Wide Box” Opening: Measures 57” W x 64” L, making it perfect for handling bulky materials with ease.
  • Interlocking Plate Steel Construction: Expertly distributes stress away from welds, enhancing durability.
  • Seamless Single Sheet Plate Steel: For the chassis floor and sides, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Intelligent Baler Control: Maren’s SmartBale technology allows for easy reconfiguration with password-protected parameters for various materials.
  • Multi-Edge Replaceable Shear Blades: Reduces costs and shear jamming by extending the effective cutting profile.

Experience Unmatched Benefits:

  • Versatility in Material Handling: Easily processes a broad spectrum of recyclables.
  • Reliable Service: With replaceable “AR” hardened wear liners and robust ram and door position transducers.
  • Operational Safety: All safety E-Stops and contactor resets are monitored by a dual redundant safety relay system.
  • Effortless Monitoring and Control: Optional Smartbale Mobile Remote interface offers remote operation capabilities via a portable full-color touchscreen.

Elevate Your Operations:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate the capabilities of your recycling or waste management operations with the Maren ProPAK 2R210 Baler. Whether you’re dealing with high volumes of post-industrial cardboard, scrap metals, or looking for an all-in-one recycling equipment solution, the ProPAK 2R210 is engineered to deliver unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Transform your recycling effort into a streamlined and profitable operation. For more information on the Maren ProPAK 2R210 Baler, reach out to us today. Enhance your waste management solution and contribute to a greener planet with every bail.

Bring Efficiency and Sustainability to Your Doorstep with Maren ProPAK 2R210.

Baler Quick Specs


Dual 20 hp or 30 hp TEFC 3 Phase motors generate 40, 60 hp. Motors automatically stage start to reduce surge on electric service. During low production demand motors can be de-selected to reduce overall electrical consumption and through-put while maintaining 100% bale weights and shearing performance.


A simple but innovative hydraulic system allows the 2R210 to run faster and more efficiently while being more serviceable. highly efficient piston pumps rated for 5,100 psi run at only 4,200 psi ensuring less stress and long life. All pumps are mounted below tank level to eliminate start-up cavitation and extend pump life.

Hydraulic System

High Efficiency Regenerative.

Platen Force

211,000 lbs.

Platen Pressure

123 psi.

Dry Cycle Time at Full Penetration

17 seconds

Additional Information

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