Maren Top Feed Shredder


Maren top feed shredders can’t be beat for safe high volume shredding for baling, and material destruction! Maren design and engineering offers flexibility in equipment layout as well as tough, heavy duty construction. This combination translates to efficient use of space and long dependable operation. Shredding before baling promotes dense, compact bales for savings and economy in both space and handling of waste material. lnsurance against reentry into the market of sensitive materials is provided.

Maren’s standard top feed shredders are capable of shredding up to 3,000 lbs. of material per hour. Larger models can do more!These shredders are adaptable to pneumatic conveying systems, and to all Maren open end automatic and closed end balers. As material is fed into the top feed shredder, it drops into the rotating blades. The whirling blades shred the material into small irregular shaped pieces, and then discharges them automatically into a pneumatic conveying system or directly into an automatic baler.


Top Feed Shredder Benefits

  • Low noise levels
  • Heavy-duty, super-tough construction
  • Staggered, replaceable steel blades
  • Versatile design for various feed options
  • Automatic water spray for dust control
  • Adaptable to various balers or air-handling systems
  • Interlocked electric controls

Additional Information

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