• STOCK NUMBER: 230025
  • Engine: 7.3 L
  • Transmission: Auto
  • Mileage: 7,200 / 11.2023
  • Hours: Engine: 58
  • Condition Rating: New/ Demo
  • Rating

  • GVWR Front axle rating Rear axle rating
    12,700 4,200 8,500
  • Warranty Options

  • New/Used: New

    New ~ 2022 Ford E350 w/ RapidView IBAK Pipeline Inspection Camera Van

  • STOCK NUMBER: 230025

  • RapidView IBAK Pipeline Inspection Camera Van

    The RapidView IBAK Camera Van combines these powerful tools into a seamless solution for comprehensive pipeline inspection. It’s not just equipment; it’s your partner in preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and long-term asset management.

    Key Features:

    • ORION Zoom PAN & Tilt Camera: Offers versatile inspection capabilities on both tractor and pushrod applications, providing unparalleled visibility into the condition of pipelines.
    • T66 Camera Tractor: Maneuver with agility and ease. Its zero-turn radius and full steering with ATC make it the ideal tool for navigating through challenging terrains.
    • T76 Tractor: Designed for mainlines from 5 inches and up, ensuring high-resolution visuals in varying pipe sizes.
    • KW305 Power Cable Reel: The integration of a tractor lowering winch and control into the power cable reel optimizes the setup for advanced functionality and streamlined operations.
    • BS 3.5 Controller: A remote command and control center that brings everything together with a state-of-the-art touch screen and color LCD panel for ease of use.

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