Sewer Equipment Easement Machines

Discover Unparalleled Reach with Our Sewer Equipment Easement Machines

Municipalities, utility service companies, and sewer contractors—take your maintenance to new lengths with Sewer Equipment SWS’ leading Easement Machines. No longer will you grapple with remote sewer lines whose upkeep requires Olympian efforts. Our robust machines dramatically extend the reach of your jetting truck, reducing overflows and simplifying even the most challenging pipe-cleaning tasks.

Effortless Expansion of Cleaning Reach

Experience the difference with the JAJ-600WH model. Equipped with Honda V-twin engines, it guarantees powerful and quiet operation, skilfully skirting cargo chains and sprockets for cleaner mechanics. The hydro-statically powered tread drive platforms ensure you maneuver with precision and poise, even in off-road situations. Plus, with an exceptional hose extension of 500 feet and beyond, no pipe is out of reach.

Remarkable Adaptability with the JAJ-600SK

For seamless integration with your existing skid steer tractor, our JAJ-600SK skid-mount model is second to none. It provides all the muscle with none of the yard damage, offering the flexibility needed for swift, efficient servicing. And with a suite of optional add-ons and accessories, tailor your machine to meet the precise demands of your maintenance schedule.

The Electric-Powered Revolution: JAJ-E

Join the eco-friendly wave with our electric model, the JAJ-E. Battery-powered for a full day’s work after just 12 hours of charge, it’s a testament to efficiency without compromise. The JAJ-E operates silently and lightly, with a ground pressure akin to golf course equipment, ensuring an environmentally sensitive touch to all your maintenance activities.

Unwavering Local Support

At SWS Equipment, our dedication to excellence doesn’t stop at our products. We pride ourselves on comprehensive local support programs, ensuring that you’re equipped, educated, and empowered to make the most of your investment. From standard features tailored to enhance safety and ease of use to a robust range of optional extras designed to accelerate performance, we’re committed to your success.

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