Feb 5, 2021 | Newsletter


This past year, SWS celebrated 30 years in business. We have grown to three physical locations; Spokane, WA, Tacoma, WA, and Sherwood, OR and over 50 employees. We are grateful for the thirty plus years of support from SWS employees, as well as customers past and present. Currently we serve Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Alaska. Between the three locations, SWS has a fleet of sixteen mobile service trucks fully equipped with the parts and tools needed to service any truck or piece of equipment in the field. Customer satisfaction with our equipment, parts selection and service capabilities is top priority at SWS. We take pride in going the extra mile in order to achieve this.


No one wants to be in a situation where your equipment is down. There are a few things you can do in order to circumvent this from happen­ing. Purchase the proper equipment for the job and secure a preven­tative maintenance contract. Two important aspects of equipment longevity are equipment usage and equipment maintenance.

From the beginning, invest in equipment that fits your needs. If the equipment is undersized or is not meant for what it is being used for, unnecessary strain occurs and causes the equipment to wear prema­turely. A preventative maintenance plan diminishes the occurrence of sudden break downs.


One of the main reasons to choose a vertical baler is the smaller footprint. If you are working with limited space, vertical balers are a good option. Also, the installation process of a vertical baler is minimal with nominal operator training. The simplicity of the operation and maintenance of the vertical baler enables employees/equipment operators to be quickly trained. Not only are SWS’s vertical balers affordable, but they also save you money in multiple ways. The uniform and consistent bale sizes reduce your waste and recycling material and management, which reduces your waste removal expenses, while creating a revenue stream from the recycling proceeds. Also, you are decreasing the carbon footprint and improving the environment by eliminat­ing cardboard from landfills.

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