Larue D Series Two Stage Snow Blower

Larue D Series Two Stage Snow Blower

Larue snow blowers set the standard for safety, performance and productivity. With the largest selection in the industry, our models are offered with either a ribbon or dual auger conveyor. No matter the size of your operations, there is a Larue product adapted to your needs.

Our ultra-capable D-Series two-stage blowers come with an impressive range of standard equipment; Hardox® 500 directional spot casting chute with 2-section deflector, wired joystick control, 4.3″ LCD screen, 3 engine performance modes (ECO, INTER, MAX), 2 frame-mounted LED lights, 2 chute-mounted LED lights, wet-type multi-disc clutch, conveyor chain in oil bath, Hardox® 550 drum, tungsten carbide skid shoes, high-strength steel scraper blade, emergency stop buttons, level indicator on the spot casting chute, ground level fuel fill, mechanical components enclosed, block heater and a shovel.

Snow Blowers

D25 | D35 | D45 | D55 | D65
The serrated ribbon conveyor has a greater depth and is expressly designed to handle large amounts of loose, freshly fallen snow. They’re commonly used in urban areas for truck loading, at airports and on mountain roads.

Dual Auger
Snow Blowers

D30 | D40 | D50 | D60
The dual auger conveyor is most effective against compact, hardened snow windrows, and ice. It’s your best ally when it comes to carving through snowbanks, widening roads, and clearing commercial parking lots.


All of our models are built and tested with the operator’s health and safety as our top priority. We understand that you have a lot at stake in your daily operations and that you want to take care of your people. You cannot afford downtime. That’s why we designed our snow blowers in a way that minimizes the risk of accidents. Among those design elements are the automatic clutch disengagement system if the impeller suffers a blockage, all maintenance points made from the ground, and 2 emergency stop buttons to help keep the workers safe.


Better design means significant productivity gains, but it also means better engineering with features and benefits like triangular box frame construction, unmatched power-to-weight ratio, and left-mounted radiator that reduces frosting or blocking. Its center of gravity is located close to the wheel loader for enhanced stability. It’s clear, Larue products are built for performance and designed to last.


Our heavy-duty units are designed to perform relentlessly under extreme weather conditions. Plus, the parts we make or install have been rigorously tested and solidly built for maximum durability. Heavy-wear parts are machined from abrasion-resistant Hardox®, while still others are engineered from tungsten or chromium carbide, up to 4 times more durable. Larue snow blowers will not let you down.


Larue single-stage snow blowers are powered by a Caterpillar® Tier 4 Final engine. Specialized for snow dump sites, they can blast snow up to 120 feet providing fast, cost-efficient clearing capacity. Delivering up to 1,200 horsepower, these machines are designed to work with ease in the toughest operating conditions. And our innovative, optimized conveyor minimizes lateral overflow, reducing the number of passes required to do the job.


Larue snow blowers are designed for easy serviceability and simple, lower-cost maintenance because all components are accessible at ground level. Plus, Larue’s transmission-integrated wet-type multi-disc clutch requires no maintenance or periodic adjustments. Instead of having a belt drive, we opted for a conveyor chain in oil bath in order to limit maintenance once again. Mechanical components are enclosed for maximum protection, and fuel fill is made from ground level. And off-the-shelf parts reduce lead times and ensure your Larue is back on the road fast. Convenience is something we’ve built into our approach, and in our lineup.


Our machines are engineered to maximize uptime and reduce the cost of operation, all of which enhance your ROI. Your budget matters when considering the parts and components for repair or replacement. We build snow-clearing equipment, but we’re also in the business of customer satisfaction. That way, Larue is top-of-mind when it’s time to refresh their fleet. It’s a formula that has contributed in no small part to our success since our beginnings. Make it part of yours.


Experience precision casting with a dense, solid stream and an impressive snow compaction rate. Larue products are all about clearing the roads right the first time, and every time.


Nearly all of our two-stage models are equipped with a certified Stage V engine, subject to the strictest current emission standards. Larue’s unique engine integration design improves fuel efficiency without compromising performance & reliability.

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