Larue T Series Dual-Engine Airport Brooms & Plows

Larue T Series Dual-Engine Airport Brooms & Plows

Larue offers a wide range of specialized airport equipment. Our lineup covers more than enough ground, from self-propelled snow blowers to front brooms to front plows to whatever you might need to clear the longest runways at the busiest air hubs anywhere snow threatens to disrupt tight schedules and the bottom line. We invite you to explore our products, discover their distinct advantages, and how our unique, world-class engineering makes them even better.


FB18 | FB20 | FB22
Our three exceptional T95-compatible front-mounted brooms are as efficient as they are capable. Hydrostatically driven by its powerful auxiliary engine, the FB Series brooms make a clean sweep of snow and always deliver a job done well.


FP18 | FP20 | FP22
Three plows, one goal; to clear snow away fast and clean. Our rugged, relentless FP Series plows leave nothing behind on the runway. They can withstand tremendous vibrations and shocks and make a breeze out of a storm.


Larue front brooms are specifically designed for airport applications. Our FB product line can be used throughout the entire year and ensure that the runways are perfectly smooth for landing. Larue FB products are driven hydrostatically by the auxiliary engine of our flagship T95. Standard features include an adjustable deflector, four high-speed caster wheels, a snow-shedding hood, and automatic variable ground speed control for optimal broom performance at any working speed. The FB Series will take care of your landing strip regardless of weather conditions.


The FP18 is Larue’s first ever snowplow. The front plow can have a uniform height or be offered with flared ends to maximize your snow removal capacity and performance. Its steel or polyethylene main material allows it to push snow at higher working speeds. Larue FP Series are available in widths from 18 to 22 feet, and its 35-degree swing angle allows the operator to push snow on both sides of the runway at all times.


Larue’s specialized airport equipment is designed to clear runways as fast as possible. Larue auxiliary attachments are interchangeable and can be fitted on our T-Series dual-engine lineup. Dual-engine self-propelled snow blowers combine industry-leading performance at a high working speed along with superior Larue reliability. Let our T-Series multifunctional carrier vehicle be the workhorse of your airport.


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