Marathon RJ-225 Series Ultra Stationary Trash Compactor

Discover the Power of Efficiency with Marathon Equipment RJ-225 Series Ultra Stationary Compactor

Transform Your Waste Management Process

Waste management demands not just solutions, but smart, efficient, and durable solutions. Marathon Equipment’s RJ-225 Series Ultra Stationary Compactor stands as a cornerstone in waste management efficiency for waste management companies and industrial facilities alike. With its robust design, unparalleled compaction force, and the innovative Tricon Fullness Assurance system, it represents the pinnacle of waste management technology.

Why Choose Marathon Equipment RJ-225 Series?

Unmatched Compaction Force

  • Up to 67,000 lbs. with the RJ-225HD model
  • Up to 55,000 lbs. with the RJ-225
  • Up to 52,000 lbs. with the RJ-225 Ultra

These extraordinary figures translate into a significant reduction in waste volume, ensuring your facility operates with maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

Designed for Durability: Marathon Equipment doesn’t just promise performance; it ensures longevity with thicker steel in key structural areas and a TEFC motor that withstands the harshest working conditions. This means your investment continues to pay dividends far into the future.

Tricon Fullness Assurance System: Exclusive to the Marathon Equipment offering, the TRICON system optimizes compaction ratios and enhances cold-weather performance. It not only extends the lifespan of the compactor but also ensures consistent, reliable compaction with every load.

Ease of Maintenance: From the quick-release motor mount to the removable weather cover, every aspect of the RJ-225 Series has been designed with your operational needs in mind. Easy servicing and maintenance mean less downtime and more productivity.

The Marathon Equipment RJ-225 Series Models:

  • RJ-225: The best value in compactors, combining speed, power, and cost-efficiency.
  • RJ-225HD: Built for the toughest waste disposal challenges, with heavy-duty features that stand up to the most demanding tasks.
  • RJ-225 Ultra: For those focused on economical operations without sacrificing performance, offering labor reduction, fewer collection pickups, and a space-saving design.

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