Marathon RJ-100SC Self-Contained Trash Compactor

Revolutionize Your Waste Management with the Marathon RJ-100SC Trash Compactor

Elevate Efficiency and Sustainability

Introducing the Marathon RJ-100SC Self-Contained Trash Compactor – a powerful, efficient, and innovative solution specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of waste management professionals and facility managers. Engineered with precision and care, the RJ-100SC is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a comprehensive waste management solution.

Key Features of the Marathon RJ-100SC:

  • Exclusive Large Feed Opening: Boasting an exclusive 35″ x 60″ feed opening, the RJ-100SC can effortlessly handle large and bulky items, making your waste management process smoother and more efficient.
  • Continuous Feeding Capability: With the ability to continuously feed waste even while operating, the RJ-100SC ensures there are no downtimes in your waste processing, thereby enhancing productivity.
  • Versatility in Waste Loading: Designed to be versatile, the RJ-100SC offers easy loading options from either the ground or dock level. Combined with optional adaptions like large-capacity hoppers and security chutes, this compactor can meet various operational requirements.
  • Odor and Pest Management: The optional Marathon Ozone Odor Control feature effectively manages odors and deters pests, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Unmatched Crushing Force: Experience the power of over 18 tons of crushing force with the RJ-100SC, which significantly reduces refuse volumes, saving valuable space and minimizing landfill trips.
  • Safety and Maintenance Features: Equipped with fire hose connections, hinge grease fittings, and ground and guide rollers for extended service life and ease of maintenance.

Experience the Marathon Equipment Difference:

The Marathon Equipment RJ-100SC self-contained trash compactor is not just about managing waste – it’s about transforming your approach to waste management. Through its robust design, unparalleled efficiency, and innovative features, the RJ-100SC stands out as the ultimate tool for professionals looking to optimize their operations.

Our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of the RJ-100SC, from its leak-proof construction tested in factory settings to its user-friendly interface with the Cycon Life-Xtender Cyclic Control. Efficiency, reliability, and durability are what you can expect when you choose the Marathon RJ-100SC.

Compactor Features

P-Seal Watertight Closure

The P-shaped Door Seal is specially designed for portable compaction containers to provide a superior watertight closure. The mounting is engineered for quick and easy installation when replacement is necessary, requiring no field fitting, cutting, or welding.

Double-Hinge with Bronze Bushing

Every Marathon Equipment RJ-250SC is tested for watertightness before leaving the factory. Liquid retention is ensured by the incredible Double-Hinge. It creates uniform seal compression while eliminating the seal “scrubbing” and damage so often encountered with competitive designs. The Double-Hinge also saves expensive driver and truck time because only one easy-to-operate ratchet is required to make it work.

Bubble Gate

The innovative “Bubble Gate” adds a full cubic yard to container capacity. Superior compaction ratios result from its special curved shape. These two unique benefits reduce costs of disposal.

Auto Relatch

The ultimate in latch systems, the Marathon “Auto Relatch” eliminates the need to hold the door while operating the latch ratchet. This design enables the operator to use both hands on the ratchet.

Feed Capability

Continuous feeding capability — even while the compactor is operating

Save Valuable Space

Over 18 tons of crushing force to reduce refuse to a fraction of its former size, saving valuable space and reducing landfill trips

Feed Opening

Exclusive 35″ x 60″ feed opening to handle large, bulky items

Qwik Clean Tank

The Qwik Clean tank feature, standard on all Marathon Equipment RJ-100SC compactors, funnels any liquid seepage which can occur during compaction into an enclosed area underneath the charge box floor. The liquid is automatically discharged at the disposal site, in effect flushing the container and the area behind the ram. The 12″ high, up to 750-gallon capacity sump area is designed to provide easier hook access for roll-off drivers.

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