Maren ProPAK A265 Baler

Discover Efficiency with Maren ProPAK A265 Baler

Transform your recycling and waste management processes with the ultimate in Baler Machine technology – the Maren ProPAK A265 Auto Tie Shear Baler. Designed for the demanding needs of Recycling Facilities and Waste Management Companies, this advanced Recycling Equipment sets a new standard in performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Why Maren ProPAK A265 Baler?

Maren Balers have long set the benchmark in the box, printing, and process industries. The ProPAK A265 takes this excellence to the next level, offering features engineered specifically for high-volume operations in the corrugated box, folding carton, printing, converting, envelope, and tissue sectors. It’s the ideal solution for businesses where bale weight, uptime, durability, safety, serviceability, and cleanliness are top priorities.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Efficient Cooling: Stay cool under pressure with the closed-loop air-oil cooler, complete with an independent circulation pump.
  • Durability Guaranteed: With AR400 replaceable floor liners, longevity is built-in.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplify operations with an intuitive touch screen operator interface.
  • Optimized Baling Force: Benefit from maximum ram force during full-pressure baling with the “A” Frame single-cylinder tension chamber.
  • Flexible Bale Sizes: Produce bales measuring 45″w x 42″h x variable length, weighing up to 3000 lbs.
  • Adaptable Hopper Sizes: Compatibility with any air conveying system is a given, thanks to several hopper size options.
  • Advanced Baling Wire System: Enjoy the convenience of an advanced automatic 6-wire bale tier with electrically driven inserter and twister.
  • Optional Bulk Wire Feed: Choose the optional 1000# bulk wire feed system for even greater efficiency.
  • Easy Wire Loading: Opt for the optional electric hoist wire loading boom for hassle-free wire management.

Tailored for High-Volume Operations

Whether you manage a recycling facility or a waste management company, the Maren ProPAK A265 is engineered to meet the most challenging production requirements. With a selection of horsepower options and hopper sizes, this baler is versatile enough to fulfill virtually any production need.

Enhance Your Recycling Capabilities

Take a step toward operational excellence with the Maren ProPAK A265 Baler. It’s more than just equipment; it’s a key to unlocking efficiency and sustainability in your waste management and recycling processes.

Interested in elevating your operations with the ProPAK A265 Baler? Contact us today to learn more and arrange an exclusive VIP viewing. Equip your business with the power of Maren, and join the ranks of facilities setting the pace in recycling compactor efficiency.

Baler Features

Shear Blade

Advanced progressive shear blade design with 30″ penetration reduces shear jams and utilizes maximum ram pressure for compaction. Maren shear blade is a replaceable double edge design made of hardened and ground tool steel.


Interlocking baler chassis and ram is constructed of high strength plate steel, significantly increasing the strength of welded joints.


High strength steel plate floor is further reinforced with a replaceable AR400 abrasion resistant wear plate for ultimate durability, and virtually limitless service life.


Sealed tight and serviceable, the main ram is guided and sealed on bottom and sides by long wearing NylOil wear plates. The top of the ram is sealed tight with a spring loaded AR400 scraper. This provides unparalleled sealing and prevention of material migration behind the ram.

Chassis Door

Chassis service door for easy access ahead and behind main ram. Door is electronically interlocked and can be padlocked to provide secure access only by maintenance personnel.

Main Cylinder

Maren’s exclusive key lock main cylinder mount removes main cylinder tension from bolts while allowing easy services and maximum cylinder mount durability.

Additional Information

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