Perkins Auto-Arm Lifters



D6089B Lifters

This barrel-grabber style cart lifter features hydraulically folding arms that get out of the way for hand loading items. Many different arm lengths are available to suit any size application from rear-loaders to side-loaders of any height. When in use, the arm are capable of fitting a large assortment of styles and sizes of plastic carts.


D6089B Lifter Features

  • Grabs and dumps wide variety of automated-compatible cart shapes and sizes.
  • Powerful 27k rotary actuator for smooth and dependable lifting action.
  • Grabber arms fold hydraulically out of the way when not in use.
  • Deep dumping action reduces spillage, helps to distribute the trash evenly into hopper.
  • Mounts at 39 1/2, 47 1/2, 51 1/2, 56 inches to the ground.
  • Reliable service history
  • New 2 year limited Warranty

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