Perkins Pneumatic Lifters


D6064 & D6064B

The D6064 allows residential pick-up on a commercial front-loader. Don’t send two trucks to a distant location when one truck can do both jobs! Attaches easily to any front-loading truck.

The D6064b model offers a permanently fixed face plate for front-load collection units. This easily installed product provides you with a simple and cost effective solution.


D6064 & D6064B Features

  • Pneumatically controlled lower latches means no hydraulic tap-in required
  • Control valve included, just run an air line
  • Lift one or two residential carts at a time
  • D6064 features fork pockets for easy removal
  • D6064B may be permanently fixed in place
  • Does not interfere with commercial pick up
  • Compatible to any ANSI Type B carts, 30-96 gallon in size
  • 1 year limited warranty

Additional Information

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