RapidView Ibak PANORAMO 4K – Mounted System

Elevate Your Inspection Capabilities with RapidView Ibak PANORAMO 4K

Welcome to the future of pipeline inspection. With the RapidView Ibak PANORAMO 4K Mounted System, you unlock an unparalleled level of detail and efficiency that redefines standards in the plumbing, civil engineering, and utility maintenance industries. Experience the groundbreaking optical scanning technology designed to transform how you conduct pipeline and manhole inspections.

Why Choose PANORAMO 4K?

Unmatched Image Clarity

Dive deep into the intricate world of pipelines with panoramic 4K resolution. Every detail is magnified with crystal clarity, ensuring you miss nothing. The PANORAMO® 4K Package brings to light what was once hidden, offering precision that stands unmatched.

Increased Efficiency

Time is of the essence in every inspection task. The PANORAMO® 4K allows operators to inspect up to 5x more pipe per day, significantly boosting productivity. Say goodbye to the traditional crawl of pipeline inspections and welcome a faster, more reliable method.

Comprehensive Package

The PANORAMO® 4K Package is equipped to meet and exceed professional demands. It includes:

  • PANORAMO® 4K Pipeline Scanner: A gateway to next-generation inspections.
  • KW 505 Fiber Optic Reel with 1640’ of cable: Extend your reach without compromising signal quality.
  • BE 7 Controller: Take control with ease and precision.
  • Electronic Lift: Effortlessly adjust your equipment to the required inspection height.
  • Inclinometer: Precise measurement of angles and inclines.
  • PANORAMO® PCI Card: For superior data processing.
  • Downhole Rollers: Maneuver with confidence.
  • Pressure Test Set: Ensure everything is sealed and secure.

Office-Based Inspections

Beyond the field, the PANORAMO® 4K’s virtual pan & tilt mode revolutionizes how inspections are reviewed. Inspect in the field and analyze at your convenience back in the office, merging flexibility with thoroughness.

Target Audience: Who Benefits from PANORAMO 4K?

  • Plumbers: Elevate your service offerings and provide your clients with detailed inspections like never before.
  • Civil Engineers: Equip your projects with comprehensive data, ensuring safety and compliance through superior inspection technology.
  • Utility Maintenance Crews: Minimize downtime and maximize efficiency in maintaining the essential services you provide.

The RapidView Ibak PANORAMO 4K Mounted System is not just an investment in technology; it’s an investment in the future of your operations. With its robust package, astounding image clarity, and enhanced operational speed, it sets a new standard for pipeline inspections.

Ready to transform your inspection capabilities? Discover more and take the first step towards redefining your inspection standards with PANORAMO 4K.

Inspection Range:

minimum diameter of the PANORAMOMax. Diameter: 8″ (200mm)

maximum diameter of the PANORAMOMax. Diameter: 48″ (1200mm) and up

Inspection Speed 69′ (21m)/minute
Pan & Tilt Virtual/Digital
Unfolded View ✔
Operational Cost up to 30% less than Traditional CCTV
Backwards Compatible ✔
Dual Axis Swivel Connection ✔
Resolution 3840 x 2160px (4K)

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