RapidView PANORAMO SI 4K – Mobile System

Capture more data than ever before with the PANORAMO SI 4K Manhole Scanner.  It’s unique ability to capture every inch during manhole inspection ensures you never miss an observation.  The PANORAMO SI 4K is compatible with existing PANORAMO systems and can be purchased as an add-on.  It also functions as a standalone manhole scanning unit with the KW SI Cable Reel.

This versatile cable reel is easily operated from the mobile rack with a laptop or installed in a vehicle.  Quick-acting fasteners allow the cable reel to be removed from the vehicle and quickly converted into a mobile system.  The mobile rack is designed for outdoor use equipped with large pneumatic tires and a water-resistant laptop.  Choose from standard, rechargeable, high-efficiency batteries or a lithium battery installed in your vehicle.  Discover the ultimate solution for manhole inspections with the PANORAMO SI 4K manhole scanner and KW SI Cable Reel.

PANORAMO SI Inspection Range:

minimum diameter of the PANORAMO SI 4KMin. Diameter: 12″ (300mm)

maximum diameter of the PANORAMO SI 4KMax. Diameter: 120″ (3050mm)

Application Pipeline Pipeline Manhole
Max Speed 69′ (21m)/minute 69′ (21m)/minute 14″ (350mm)/second
Pressure Protection Standard Standard Standard
Viewer Software Free, distributable Free, distributable Free, distributable
Cameras Twin 185° Digital Twin 185° Digital Twin 185° Digital
Zoom Digital Digital Digital
3D Perspective View Standard Standard Standard
Measurement Standard in Unfolded View Standard in Unfolded View Available (in 3D)
CAD Output .dxf
Lighting High Power LED Xenon Strobe Xenon Strobe


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