RapidView Ibak PANORAMO SI 4K – Mobile System

Discover the Future of Pipeline Inspections with RapidView Ibak PANORAMO SI 4K

Welcome to the revolutionary world of manhole inspections. The RapidView Ibak PANORAMO SI 4K – Mobile System is here to transform the way municipalities, infrastructure engineers, and pipeline maintenance crews operate. Harness the power of unparalleled clarity and comprehensive data collection with our 4K Camera System, all designed to provide you with the most efficient and reliable inspection results.

Why Choose PANORAMO SI 4K?

Unmatched Data Collection

The PANORAMO SI 4K Manhole Scanner brings the future to your fingertips, offering a unique capability to capture every inch inside manholes. This ensures no observation is missed, making your inspections more thorough than ever before.

Compatibility and Versatility

Seamlessly compatible with existing PANORAMO systems, the SI 4K can serve as both an enhancement to your current setup or as a powerful standalone unit with the KW SI Cable Reel. Its versatility meets the needs of today’s dynamic field demands.

Mobility and Durability

Designed for the rigors of outdoor usage, the mobile rack system is equipped with robust pneumatic tires and a water-resistant laptop compartment. Transition from vehicle-mounted operations to ground-level inspections swiftly with our quick-acting fasteners.

Power Options for Every Need

With a variety of power sources at your disposal, choose from standard, rechargeable high-efficiency batteries, or have a lithium battery installed directly into your vehicle.

Elevate Your Inspections

Capture clearer, more comprehensive data without compromising on mobility or efficiency. The PANORAMO SI 4K is not just a tool; it’s your partner in ensuring the integrity and longevity of your municipal and infrastructure pipelines.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Municipal Utilities: Overcome the challenges of aging infrastructure with detailed and dependable inspections.
  • Infrastructure Engineers: Equip your projects with data that is as precise as your designs.
  • Pipeline Maintenance Teams: Maintain operational excellence with insights gathered from the highest quality images.

Don’t let critical observations slip through the cracks. With the RapidView Ibak PANORAMO SI 4K – Mobile System, every detail is captured, every angle covered.

Are you ready to revolutionize your pipeline inspection process? Call us to discuss how the RapidView Ibak PANORAMO SI 4K can integrate into your operations.

Elevate your inspection capabilities – Explore the PANORAMO SI 4K today.

PANORAMO SI Inspection Range:

minimum diameter of the PANORAMO SI 4KMin. Diameter: 12″ (300mm)

maximum diameter of the PANORAMO SI 4KMax. Diameter: 120″ (3050mm)

Application Pipeline Pipeline Manhole
Max Speed 69′ (21m)/minute 69′ (21m)/minute 14″ (350mm)/second
Pressure Protection Standard Standard Standard
Viewer Software Free, distributable Free, distributable Free, distributable
Cameras Twin 185° Digital Twin 185° Digital Twin 185° Digital
Zoom Digital Digital Digital
3D Perspective View Standard Standard Standard
Measurement Standard in Unfolded View Standard in Unfolded View Available (in 3D)
CAD Output .dxf
Lighting High Power LED Xenon Strobe Xenon Strobe

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