Stellar AFM60 Cable Hoist Truck


Get job after job after job done with the Stellar® AFM60 Cable Hoist Truck. It has the power and smooth performance to maximize productivity on a daily basis. Choose from the AFM60-174 for handling containers from 18′ to 22′ or the AFM60-194 for containers from 18′ to 24′.


AFM60 Cable Hoist Benefits

  • Reeving Cylinder Enclosure to reduce exposure from damaging debris.
  • Dump Cylinder Mounting above and outside of the frame rails for easier access and stability during dumping.
  • Durable Construction includes zinc-plated steel pins in the rear hinge, sheaves and cylinders, plus 1/2″ high-strength wear plates at the end of the main frame tubes.
  • Hydraulic Piston Pump delivers higher efficiency, longer life and can handle higher operating pressure than gear pumps.
  • Cable Routed in the single direction of rotation.
  • Protective Coating featuring two-part polyurethane automotive finish paint for added protection against scratches and debris.
  • Easy Maintenance thanks to greaseable bushings with zerks at all pivot points.

Additional Information

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