Stetco 920SP/14

Stetco 950SP-14

Stetco Catch Basin Cleaners (CBC’s) clean large volumes of heavy, abrasive, and cumbersome debris from stormwater structures and other collection points–with zero liquid discharge. Equipped with rugged hydraulic clam or orange-peel buckets, Stetco machines provide a complementary alternative to vac-trucks, at substantially lower cost of ownership. Stetco’s simple, pragmatic approach provides economical cleaning capabilities that vac-trucks alone cannot match. As a stand-alone solution or to assist vac-trucks with the “heavy lifting,” Stetco CBC’s reduce stormwater compliance costs and increase your fleet preparedness.

  • 14’ hydraulic boom outreach
  • Down to 35’ below grade operating depths
  • Stainless steel, watertight debris body, 2-3 cubic yard capacity
  • Mounted on a Ford F-550 chassis for tight municipal confines
  • Available stabilizers for additional load capacity
  • Handles most sizes of Stetco buckets
  • Non-CDL

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