Stetco 920SP/14

Revolutionize Industrial Waste Management with Stetco’s Ultimate Catch Basin Cleaner

We’re Not Just Cleaning – We’re Transforming the Way You Manage Waste

Municipalities, industrial facilities, and waste management companies are facing a growing challenge – the cost and complexity of cleaning significant volumes of heavy, abrasive debris from stormwater structures. Stetco offers a solution that’s not just efficient, but transformative. The Stetco 920SP/14 is a game-changer, offering industry-leading performance with zero liquid discharge, bringing your stormwater compliance costs down while boosting operational excellence up.

Unrivaled Performance, Unbeatable Cost

  • Hydraulic Clam or Orange-Peel Buckets: Engineered for tough jobs, these rugged attachments handle any challenge with ease.
  • Substantial Reach: With a 14’ hydraulic boom, the Stetco 920SP/14 tackles cleaning depths down to 35’ below grade, no spills, no fuss.
  • Cost-Efficient Fleet Expansion: Complementing traditional vac-trucks, Stetco Cleaners provide unparalleled service without the high price tag, offering a substantially lower cost of ownership.

Unmatched Adaptability and Reliability

  • Multi-Use Vehicle: On a Ford F-550 chassis, Stetco 920SP/14 maneuvers nimbly in tight municipal spaces, versatile enough to tackle various types of catch basins.
  • Watertight Debris Body: A 2-3 cubic yard capacity maintains operational readiness, while the stainless steel construction ensures longevity against the toughest working environments.
  • Enhanced Load Support: Available stabilizers for additional load capacity, so you can be ready for the next job, no matter the size.

Proven ROI, Every Clean

  • Economical Cleaning: Stetco understands that a clean catch basin shouldn’t break the bank. Our CBC’s offer a pragmatic, economical alternative that outperforms standard vac-trucks.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Experience a profound reduction in stormwater compliance costs with efficient cleaning and zero liquid discharge.
  • Fleet Flexibility: Stetco 920SP/14 isn’t just a stand-alone solution; it’s the perfect partner to your existing fleet, allowing for versatility without overburdening your budget.

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