Stetco 950 Combination Unit

The Stetco 950 Combination Unit: Revolutionize Your Waste Management

Cutting-edge innovation in industrial waste management is no longer a distant vision. The Stetco 950 Combination Unit leads the field for precision, power, and environmental responsibility. Designed for municipalities, industrial facilities, and waste management experts, our catch basin cleaner redefines efficiency and operational excellence in the most challenging environments.

Efficiency that Delivers

Stetco Catch Basin Cleaners (CBC’s) are engineered for optimizing the cleaning process. They remove heavy, abrasive, and cumbersome debris from stormwater structures and collection points without a drop of liquid waste. Say goodbye to inefficiencies with vac-trucks and say hello to a new era of productivity at a fraction of the cost.

Extreme Performance, Zero Compromise

  • High-Pressure, Low-Volume Jetting System: Our advanced technology enables superior performance, capable of handling laterals up to 18″ in diameter.
  • Stainless Steel Debris Body: A 5-6 cubic yard capacity provides ample space for heavy debris and maintains a watertight environment, ensuring both safety and ease of compliance.
  • Powerful Hydraulic System: Stetco’s durable hydraulic clam or orange-peel buckets handle the toughest jobs with ease, offering digging depths that reach depths up to 50’ below grade.

Versatility in Every Detail

Stetco’s multi-use vehicle is equipped for a wide range of environmental conditions. An anti-freeze system option expands operational capabilities into subfreezing weather with zero downtime.

Safety Embedded

Safety is a priority at Stetco. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest safety features to ensure your operators can work with confidence and efficiency at all times, every time.

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