Wittke Starlight & Superduty Front Loaders

Discover Efficiency and Reliability with Wittke Front Loaders

Garbage and Recycling Collection Made for the 21st Century

As a cornerstone of the industry, Wittke has long been committed to innovative solutions for waste management. Our Starlight and Superduty Front Loaders redefine efficiency and reliability, offering unmatched quality and performance. Tailored for Trash Collection Companies and Commercial Truck Buyers, they are the perfect addition to any fleet looking to optimize their operations.

Maximize Payload, Minimize Hassle

The Wittke Starlight is designed for the demands of daily waste collection. Featuring an agile design and fast lifting cycle, it ensures rapid loading on both residential and commercial routes. But the real star quality lies in its maximized legal payload capacity, achieved through clever lightweight construction. With the Starlight on your team, you can collect more material and run your routes with unprecedented efficiency.

Toughness That Stands the Test of Time

When you want the job done without compromise, the Wittke Superduty rises to the challenge. Built to deliver the toughest service and engineered for minimal maintenance, this front loader is virtually unparalleled in the industry. While other trucks require frequent servicing, the Superduty’s robust build ensures the lowest total cost of ownership, keeping your operations running smoothly day after day.

A Legacy of Innovation and Quality

With the Wittke Superduty and Starlight, you are investing in more than just trucks. You are aligning your business with Wittke's respected legacy of innovation and quality. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every unit we produce meets the highest standards, delivering performance, durability, and efficiency that is second to none.

Your Path to a Smoother Operation Starts Here

Don’t settle for mediocrity when you can have the best. Wittke Front Loaders promise to enhance your operations, reduce downtime, and increase your return on investment. See the difference Wittke can make in your waste management processes. ​ ​

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Secure your edge in the waste management market. Reach out to our team of experts and get the Wittke advantage. Whether it's a new addition to your fleet or an upgrade from an existing truck, Wittke is the forward-looking choice for success in the industry. Let's start a conversation.

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