Oct 20, 2017 | Newsletter

Featured Employee

Rafael has been with SWS for over 3 years as a Western Washington Service Technician. Before moving to the Seattle area, Rafael lived in Tuscan, Arizona where he was a Service Technician with a local company for 12 years.

Rafael is from a beautiful little town called Esperanza, Mexico. The Spanish word Esperanza means hope. When Rafael is not working, he enjoys playing drums and cooking meals for his family.

A few things that people don’t know about Rafael; when he was little he wanted to be an airline pilot, he is a shy person and many times would rather just listen than talk and Rafael is a dedicated family man, who works hard for his family and always puts them first.

When asked what he likes most about working on the SWS team, he replied, “all the support I get from everyone and SWS has everything needed to be good at my job and to do a good job for the customer”.

Rafael is a huge asset to our SWS Tacoma shop and we are very lucky to have such a skilled compactor and baler technician on our team.

Petersen Industries Grows with SWS

SWS became the Northwest Petersen dealer in 2012, and immediately created an awareness of the innovative Lightning Loader. Petersen  Industries, Inc. manufactures equipment for the waste, agricultural, arboricultural, and aggregate markets. Petersen’s Lightning Loader grapple truck is used by over 1,000 cities and counties nationwide, and by most major waste companies.

In the mid-1970’s Petersen designed a knuckleboom that could be used for loading bulky trash. The result was a trash loader concept that has been improved and refined over the years. With the exception of just a few purchased items, Petersen manufactures all major components,
including most hydraulic cylinders. With complete CNC machining capabilities and fabrication facilities, Petersen is able to control every aspect of schedule and quality control. This past year Petersen introduced two new models of the knuckleboom, the Route Assistant and the Atlas Lightning Loader. The Route Assistant option incorporated a side-loading trough to the front of the dump body and can be a full-trough system or half-trough and cart tipper. The Atlas Lightning loader has the longest reach with a 25 foot boom that rotates 360 degree continuous and is capable of lifting over 9,000 pounds.
Petersen’s vision of consistently manufacturing top of the line products and offering excellent customer service runs parallel with what SWS offers its customers. Our success and value as a company is driven by customer satisfaction and we wouldn’t have that without vendors like Petersen Industries.

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