Schwarze A8 Twister Regenerative Air Sweeper

6.0 Yard High Dump

The Schwarze A8 Twister offers a generous 6-cubic yard, fully stainless steel hopper and full range dump heights from 2’ to 12’. The new dump system utilizes the proven Schwarze scissors lift that has been used for many years on the M6 Avalanche. The A8 Twister has the capability of low dumping without any stabilizer deployment. This means that the new A8 Twister, with its 6-yard capacity, can carry and offload just as fast as some popular low dump regenerative air models. The new A8 Twister is like having two machines in one.


Patent Pending Single Engine Configuration
The Schwarze A8 Twister SE has no performance compromise from its twin engine version and can perform most typical sweeping at a low single engine speeds allowing for low noise and operational costs. When full power is needed for heavy jobs like construction and spring cleanup the A8 Twister SE comes through with the same amount of sweep power available on the twin engine A8 Twister. Designed to operate exactly like the twin engine model, little if any additional operator and technician training is required.

  • 44″ Gutter Brooms
  • 90×36″ Sweeping Head for Increased Productivity with a larger area of surface cleaning (quicker transfer, no bulldozing)
  • Schwarze exclusive “sweeps in reverse” head allows sweeping access where others can’t.
  • Proven scissor lift hopper lift has the highest hopper dump in the industry at 12’. Can off load into even the highest of trucks.
  • True debris capacity (5 cu yard) as large as some ground dump sweepers. Longer sweep time between offloads even if driven to the dumpsite.
  • 29,000 Cubic Inch, Self-Cleaning, centrifugal and torturous path Circular Dust Separator eliminates the need for the operator to enter the confined debris body when cleaning the separator.
  • 25 Gallon Hydraulic Tank Capacity reduces the heat build-up which creates a longer life expectancy for key hydraulic components.


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