Marathon High Capacity Transfer Station Compaction Systems

High Capacity Transfer Station Compaction Systems

Marathon Equipment offers transfer system compactors that process up to 90 tons per hour and compact materials directly into the transfer trailer. Our high capacity transfer station compactors are available with multiple options and can be configured to suit various applications for virtually any transfer station layout and application.


Compaction System Options

Blokpak 3000 Transfer Station Compactor

The BlokPak 3000 is the largest Marathon transfer system compactor. It compacts waste against a vertical gate, forming a 10′ (3 meter) log in the compaction chamber. Each log is then ejected into the transfer trailer, and the process is continued until maximum payload is achieved. When the trailer is full, the BlokPak 3000 can continue to be fed while changing trailers, saving valuable time. This unique design eliminates the need for expensive ejection type trailers.

Rawhide Series

The Rawhide Series is a standard option on the M-Series 1475XW Compactor. It has a 48″ ram penetration that is especially beneficial for packing out transfer trailers for a clean breakaway.

Optional Waste Transfer Station Equipment

Marathon Transfer System Compactors can be fitted with a variety of options, such as trailer connection systems, to suit your application. The hydraulic scissor extends to connect to the trailer’s vertical pin latch. The hydraulic grab claws hold the trailer, using their side pockets. Marathon also manufactures EZ-TRAX Conveyors for an efficient way to feed your transfer system. Load cells can be utilized to keep track of the weight as the compaction trailer is being loaded to maximize payloads.

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