Marathon Pak’nTainer Self-Contained Front-Load/Rear Load Compactor

Discover Marathon Equipment’s Revolution in Waste Management

The Marathon Equipment Pak’nTainer Self-Contained Trash Compactor is a game-changing solution designed to meet the needs of Waste Management and Facilities Management professionals. This innovative design facilitates both Front-Load and Rear-Load garbage trucks, making it an indispensable tool for any efficient waste management system.

Efficiency and Convenience Combined

  • Versatile Placement: The Pak’nTainer’s unique design allows for placement wherever it’s needed – whether permanently or temporarily, without the need for anchoring or a concrete pad.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution: Aimed at maintaining a sanitary environment, the liquid-tight design ensures that both wet and dry waste is compacted and contained effectively, aligning with your eco-friendly goals.
  • Optimized for all Types of Waste: Boasting a large 48″ x 22 9/16″ clear-top opening, it effortlessly manages large, bulky items, ensuring a smooth waste management process.

Enhanced Performance and Durability

  • Superior Compaction Ratios: The container’s tapered design not only aids in waste ejection, eliminating wear and tear on your vehicles but also achieves superior compaction ratios.
  • Innovative Cycon Life-Xtender™ Control System: Exclusively available with 3-phase power, this feature simplifies operations by eliminating pressure and limit switches, improves performance in cold weather, and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Built to Last: With heavy-duty hinges, lockable panel boxes, and hydraulic plumbing on both sides, the Pak’nTainer is designed for durability and security.

Key Features:

  • Flexibility in Power Conversion: Tri-voltage standard for easy conversion to 208-, 230-, or 460-volt power.
  • Energy-efficient Option: Offering a single-phase 110 with 3/4 hp motor available at no additional charge for those seeking energy savings.
  • Ease of Use: Fixed breaker-bar teeth improve container and charge box clearance, making your waste management process smoother and more efficient.

Compactor Features

Portable Design

Portable design for easy placement

Power Unit

Economical self-contained compactor with remote power pack, single-phase 110 with 3/4 hp motor available at no additional charge, and tri-voltage standard for easy conversion to 208-, 230-, or 460-volt power

Tapered Container

Tapered container provides superior compaction ratios and aids in waste ejection

Clear-Top Opening

Large 48″ x 22 9/16″ clear-top opening handles even large, bulky items

Heavy-Duty Hinges

Heavy-duty hinges for durability

Panel Box

Lockable panel box to increase security

Loading Options

Front, rear, and through-the wall loading options

Anchor Free

No anchoring required, suitable for concrete or asphalt surfaces

Liquid-Tight Construction

Liquid-tight construction is perfect for wet waste, and ensures a sanitary environment

Hydraulic Plumbing

Hydraulic plumbing to both sides with quick-release disconnects for added versatility in any application

Fixed Breaker-Bar

Fixed breaker-bar teeth help keep materials in container and charge box clear

Simple and Durable Latch Assembly

Easy-to-operate latch saves on time and maintenance

Additional Information

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