Perkins Tuckaway Lifters



D6220, D6220B, D6220BX & D6220WC Lifters

The D6220-27k offers the greatest ground clearance and is known for an excellent service record and reliable performance. This tipper-bar compatible model utilizes a simple, compact design with few moving parts.


D6237A Lifter

The Universal low mount TuckAway® features swooping movement that allows for low sill height mounting. When mounted to rear-loaders, it can clear tipper bars, dump deeply into the hopper, and store under the hopper sill when not in use. Powered by our new 27k helical rotary actuator.


D6400 & D6405 Lifters

Perkins proves that making an inexpensive rotary cart lifter doesn’t mean compromising on quality with these Economy Tipper-Bar TuckAway® models, featuring arc of motion cart grabbing action and the same high performance actuator that graces our other models. Now with a more powerful 27k helical rotary actuator.

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