New ~ Marathon Integral Cart Dumper

  • STOCK NUMBER: 6652-12
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    New ~ Marathon Integral Cart Dumper

  • STOCK NUMBER: 6652-12

  • Introducing the Marathon Integral Cart Dumper

    The Marathon Integral Cart Dumper offers a seamless integration with your existing Marathon Trash Compactor systems. Designed for heavy-duty use, it serves as the smartest investment to maximize workflow and minimize manual labor.

    Why Choose Marathon Integral Cart Dumper?

    • Efficient Cart Dumping: Speed up your waste handling process with a robust system engineered for ease.
    • Adaptable Designs: Our cart dumpers are built to accommodate a variety of container sizes, ensuring versatility across your waste management needs.
    • Scalable Waste Solutions: Suitable for facilities of all sizes, from small enterprises to large industrial complexes.

    The Advantages of Marathon Trash Compactor Waste Cart Dumpers

    • Minimized Equipment Investment: Extend the compaction benefits without the need for additional equipment.
    • Versatility: Handles steel refuse containers of up to four-cubic-yards and a wide range of plastic-tilt carts.
    • Quality and Durability: Experience the reliability and long-lasting performance synonymous with the Marathon brand.


    Product Spec Sheet:

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